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Realme Service Center in Thiruvanmiyur

If you are looking for Realme Service Center in Thiruvanmiyur, then we are just the place you’re looking for. We are one of the few repair centers in Chennai to offer high-quality hardware repair for your Realme phones. So visit us to get a stress-free repair experience as our technicians can repair any hardware issues of Realme phone with a quick turnaround time.

Are you searching for a place to fix any model of Realme phone? If so, iFyx is the perfect spot to be. We have confidence in our ability to provide fast answers to fix the harmed mobiles. If your Realme phone is causing issues in your day by day tasks, at that point, we are here to get you out of the wreck.

Benefits of Using ifyx

Limited 90 Days Warranty on ALL Repairs*

We offer a limited 90 days warranty on all our repairs. If the original repair fails because of a defect with a part we installed or due to the workmanship in repairing the device, we will fix it for FREE. No questions asked.

Expert Repair Technicians

You only want the best technicians working on your electronic devices. Our highly skilled staff of technicians are true experts and will get your device working like new.

Same Day Repairs

We really know our stuff, and this experience shows in the quality and speed of our work. Many repairs can be done same day, while you wait. We know how inconvenient a broken device can be, so we work quickly to fix the issues and get you plugged back in.

Drop It Off or Mail It In!

Drop it off, mail it in, or we’ll come to YOU! We offer multiple locations and options so that you can get us your device when and where it is convenient for you. You can choose to drop it off, mail it in, or have a technician meet you with our service center.


Realme Mobile Back Panel Replacement

Has your Realme mobile become scratched and seen better days? If so we can replace the back panel and have your device looking brand new like the day you bought it.

Realme Phone Water Damage Repair

Dropped your Realme Phone in water, put it through the washing machine, been the hotel and spilt water on it. This inspection fee is to clean the board and any corrosion on your device and hopefully get your device working again. You may require parts at an extra cost.

Realme Mobile Battery Replacement

Is your Realme phone battery not lasting as long as it used too? We will replace your Realme phone battery so it lasts the same amount of time as when you first had it. The battery life on a Realme mobile shortens over time, the same as any battery.

Realme Phone Camera Replacement

Realme Phone camera stopped working or pictures marked or blurry, if so we are here to help. We can either repair or replace your camera so you can start snapping again.

Realme Mobile Power Button Replacement

It is an annoying problem on the Realme Mobile that over time the power button starts to fail and you have to press it in harder to make the device turn on or switch off. Then eventually the power button stops working altogether. We can fix and replace the Realme Phone power button for you.

Realme Phone Microphone Replacement

If people cannot hear you when you speak or it sounds all muffled then the Microphone replacement or repair service we offer is what you need.

Realme Mobile Screen Replacement

If you have smashed or dropped your Realme Mobile and cracked the screen do not worry as we specialist in Realme Phone display and Touch screen replacement and repair in Chennai.

Realme Phone Volume Button Replacement

It is an annoying problem on the Realme Phone that over time the volume button starts to fail and you have to press it in harder to make the device volume up or down. Then eventually the volume button stops working altogether. We can fix and replace the Realme phone volume button for you.

Charging Port Replacement

Has your Realme phone stopped taking charge or has the charging cable snapped inside? We can repair or replace the charging port. Also sometimes this is called a docking port.
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